General Questions

1How can I get my book featured in the bookstore?
Featured Books selections are based on titles and authors that have demonstrated significant and quantifiable success in the marketplace.Bestsellers are the top 10 books that have demonstrated high unit sales direct from Bookmark' online bookstore for the previous quarter.Critic's Choice are books that have sold more than 1,000 copies and have passed the personal tastes of Bookmark' executive panel.New Releases features are randomly selected titles that have been published during the previous quarter. These are the newest of our titles in distribution.Black & White lists all trade books published with Bookmark.Full Color lists all picture books published with Bookmark.Bookmark makes the final decision on all featured titles. Our goal is to feature a broad cross section of what we publish. There is never a guarantee that a specific title will be selected as a feature.
2My book just went live, why isn’t it showing up in the “New Releases” section?
The “New Releases” section is updated manually at the end of each business day. If your book has not yet appeared, check back tomorrow and it should then be available in the “New Releases” section. If your book still isn’t displaying after the next full business day, contact customer
3How are the “Bestsellers” determined?
Bestsellers are determined by the number of copies sold through the Bookstore over the past month, approximately (retail channel sales and direct sales made by an author do NOT qualify towards this figure). The books with the highest sales will be featured in order of publish date, not by quantity sold. The bestsellers section of the bookstore is updated weekly.
4Who can I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?
If you have any additional questions about the bookstore, contact customer support
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